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    Listserv Management

The information on this page relates to faculty and staff lists in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (CALS) and Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE). If you need information for general university lists, please see


What is a List?

Lists (or 'mailing lists') allow you to distribute information via email to many people at once by sending (posting) the message to one email address. They are used for discussion forums, event and update notifications, and news delivery. Each person who receives a message from a list is considered to be 'subscribed' to that list.



Most of the CALS and VCE lists are open to posting from any email address. Examples include CALS-SYSTEM and VCE-ALLSTAFF. A few lists can only be posted to by members of the list. A popular example is VCE-SPECIALISTS. If you need to post to this list please contact Suzie Jackson (, (540) 231-5299) or an Extension specialist. If you need to post to other lists and cannot, please contact Sarah Kelly or the Ag Help Desk to find out who can post for you.

When posting, please consider the number of people you are emailing. Use the smallest list possible. For example, don’t use VCE-ALLSTAFF for a Northern District ANR issue; use VCE-NDIST-ANR.

Please do NOT assume that lists are private and contain only the subscribers suggested by the list name. Other people are added frequently on an as-needed basis.

Common Lists

List name
E-mail Recipients
CALS-SYSTEMEveryone in CALS and Extension
CALS-CAMPUSAll CALS on campus and AREC employees
CALS-SUPPORTCALS classified and university staff
ARECSFaculty & staff at the ARECS
VCE-AGENTSAll Extension agents in the state; only agents are on this list; see VCE-4H, VCE-ANR, & VCE-FCS for program related communication
VCE-CDIST-AGENTS, VCE-NDIST-AGENTS, VCE-SEDIST-AGENTS, VCE-SWDIST-AGENTSExtension agents in the respective district; only agents
VCE-ALLSTAFFEveryone in VCE (includes off and on campus)
VCE-ALLDISTAll employees in VCE field offices (no ARECS/campus)
VCE-UCThe Unit Coordinators
VCE-SPECIALISTS *The Extension specialists
VCE-CDIST, VCE-NDIST, VCE-SEDIST, VCE-SWDISTEveryone in the respective district
VCE-4H,VCE-ANR,VCE-FCSEveryone in the respective program area

* Posting is restricted to specialists and state program leaders.
To mail a list, click its name above. (To copy the email address for a list, right-click its name and choose Copy Shortcut/Email.) 

For a more detailed and complete list of the LISTSERVs, click here: LISTSERV Information

Adding Someone to a List

Some lists have an editor, usually someone in CALS or Extension Administration, who can manually make changes to the subscriptions. See VCE & CALS Listserv Information for information about possible editors for individual lists.

Removing Someone from a List

Many of the subscriptions are automated based on personnel data and cannot be changed. For example, if you work with 4-H in the Southeast District, you will automatically be subscribed to VCE-SEDIST-4H and can only be removed under extenuating circumstances. People who were manually added can be removed.

For more information

VCE/CALS listsSarah Kelly, Application Developer(540) 231-7826
Other lists (general VT)VT Listserv Information