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Active Directory/File Server 

CALS IT maintains the AG domain as well as file server.  The file server can be used for individual backups or as shared space for groups of people.  These services are available for anyone in CALS at no cost.  Users must have or create a Hokies account to use these services.  More >>

Mark Crawford, Network Administrator
Scott Shetrone, Infrastructure and Support Services Coordinator
(540) 231-5294
(540) 231-7841

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect enables you to have real-time, multi-point meetings and seminars that participants can access through a web browser. Faculty and staff in the College can get a Connect account and host and store recorded meetings on the college server. More >> 

Carl Estes, Instructional Technologist (540) 231-1385

Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter is a user-friendly development tool that enables you to easily record, edit and synchronize digital audio with PowerPoint slides to create web-based presentations. Faculty and staff in the College can get a Presenter account and store presentations on the college server.  More >> 

Carl Estes, Instructional Technologist (540) 231-1385

Computer Lab Reservations

CALS IT handles reservations for the Computer Classroom in 1370 Litton-Reaves.  19 PC workstations are available in this lab.  More >>

Scott Shetrone, Infrastructure and Support Services Coordinator (540) 231-7841

iPad Lab Kits

Two iPad lab kits are available for checkout to support Extension educational programs. An iPad lab kit includes six iPads, an HD camcorder, camera, and a tripod.  More >>


Ag Help Desk (540) 231-4865

Laptop and Projector Check-out

CALS IT has a number of Windows and Macintosh laptops, and digital projectors available for check-out to faculty and staff in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  More >>

Ag Help Desk (540) 231-4865

Google Groups/LISTSERVs

Virginia Tech is replacing the LISTSERV system with Google Groups. This transition began nearly a year ago, and the university plans to complete it by May 31.  More >>

Sarah Kelly, Application Developer (540) 231-7826

Network Circuit/Network Equipment Relocation

Network circuit and equipment moves for ARECs and VCE Unit Offices are handled by CALS IT.  To avoid unnecessary fees and loss of service, moves should be scheduled at least 120 days prior to the needed service date.  More >>
Stephanie Collins, Network Technician
Mark Crawford, Network Administrator
(540) 231-1794
(540) 231-5294

Poster Printing

Poster Printing is provided at the Extension Distribution Center on a price per foot basis.  Regular and photo quality paper is available.  More >>

Melanie Rader (540) 231-1320

Video Conferencing

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has two (Tandberg) video conferencing systems located in Hutcheson Hall that are available for use by college personnel. Virginia Tech also offers very high quality video conferencing through Video Broadcasting Services.  More >>

Ag Help Desk (540) 231-4865

Web Development Consulting

CALS IT provides consulting for web application projects.  Programming and database development assistance may also be provided, depending on availability of resources.  
More >>

Neal Vines, Director (540) 231-6879