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Applications Quick Reference


AREC Website SystemThe AREC Websites System was developed to allow individuals at the Agriculture Research and Extension Centers to update the information on their websites without knowing any HTML or having other web programming skills. It also ensures that the sites for the various ARECs have a consistent look.
Business Card OrderingBusiness Card Ordering is an online form that allows VCE employees (or their designates) to enter contact information to be displayed on their business cards. The information is sent to the state office in a format that can be easily approved and converted to the format required by the print shop.
CalendarThe Calendar system is used by Extension Unit Offices to post local and regional events on one or more unit calendars. Each unit office has its own calendar which is viewable by the public. Unit calendars are linked from the unit office websites. (AHNR-IT purchased, configured and adapted the Calcium Calendar software for this system.)
Climate AnalysisThis "Virginia Cooperative Extension Climate Analysis Web Tool" has been established to link Virginia users to the CIRRUS system. Users of the tool can obtain data from any of 167 weather stations in Virginia, and generate reports on temperature, rainfall and growing degree data calculated from the data for the selected stations. The overall objective of the "Climate Analysis Web Tool" is to provide managers with long-term climatic data in a format that enables managers to improve decisions.
Contacts ReportingContacts Reporting is an application in which VCE faculty enter demographic information about the people they contact in their educational programming efforts. It provides electronic aggregation of data by Planned Program and by race, gender, age, and location which is used for state and federal reporting purposes and to support efforts to insure equal access to Extension programs.  ANHR-IT also provides analysis of the Contacts data for federal and state reporting requirements.
eFARSeFARS (electronic Faculty Annual Reporting System) is the application for tracking and evaluating faculty performance and measuring College progress. The system, which is updated annually, also provides data necessary for state and federal reporting requirements as well as a means to retrieve and document worthwhile impacts of college faculty and staff.
Extended Staff DatabaseExtended Staff Database is an application that allows data for Extension employees who are not VT employees to be merged with VT databases so that VCE applications can access the data as needed for logon approval or display of contact information.
FAEISFAEIS (Food and Agricultural Education Information System) compiles nationwide higher education data for the life, food, veterinary, human, natural resource, and agricultural sciences. These data include student enrollment, degrees awarded and placement at all degree levels and faculty salaries by rank and discipline. It is a USDA project contracted to ANHR-IT.
FinanceThe Finance web site facilitates the County Billing process through which counties are billed for expenses charged to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Billable data  is collected out of local databases, prepared for review and billed to the counties.
Graduate Student Tracking SystemThe Graduate Student Tracking System addresses the need to keep track of the Masters and Doctoral Students and the progress in their chosen field. Graduate Coordinators control and monitor time limits established by the department to attain various milestones toward completion of the degree.
Listserv ManagementThe VCE and CALS Listserv Application uses VCE and CALS personnel databases to automate the process of adding people to and removing them from more than 400 lists on the VT LISTSERV(r) server. The system also allows manual additions and deletions.
Master GardenerThe Master Gardener Record Keeping System allows selected volunteers in individual units of the Master Gardener program to enter data, including hours worked, for projects around the commonwealth in which they participate. It allows them to maintain contact information about volunteers and to create reports summarizing hours by volunteer, hours by project, total hours, etc.
MesonetThe VAES Mesonet web site provides access to weather data which is collected by ten weather stations located around the state. Data is collected nightly, stored in a campus database and made available for download through the site.
Nametag OrderingThe nametag ordering application is used by VCE personnel and its volunteers to place orders for nametags.
Nutrient WebThe Nutrient Budgets for the Mid-Atlantic States web site presents a vivid picture of cropland phosphorous and nitrogen nutrient input-output budgets for the Chesapeake Bay. There are over 400 maps, dozens of text tables and charts. The site will be enhanced in 2009 with newly available 2007 Census of Agriculture data.
Planning and ReportingThis site contains resources and reports related to VCE Planning and Reporting.
Project DataThe Project Data web site collects and maintains administrative data used to manage sponsored research projects. It is also the location of required USDA reporting functionality.
Pubs OrderingPubsOrdering is an application that allows VCE personnel to order extension publications from the VCE Distribution Center.
Pubs ReportingPubsReports provides up to date usage information for all VCE publications.
SANREMThe SANREM Knowledgebase (SKB) is a searchable collection of information resources (books, reports, journal articles, videos, movies, presentations) concerning sustainabled agriculture and natural resource management.
Scholarship ApplicationThe Scholarship Application allows current and incoming undergraduate students to apply for a host of scholarships offered by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. These applications are collected in a central repository where they are later evaluated by academic officers in the college.
Situation AnalysisSituation Analysis is a searchable database of the priority issues identified by the 107 units in Virginia in 2008 and 2004. These issues are used to shape future VCE programming.
SoilsThe Soils application allows VCE personnel to access test results and recommendations for submitted soil samples.
TMDLThe TMDL Clearinghouse is a database resource that provides literature reviews and state specific guidance documents used to develop strategies for improving the integrity of the Nation's waters and watersheds.
Virginia Land UseVirginia law allows eligible land in agricultural, horticultural, forest or open space to be taxed upon the land's value in use (use value) as opposed to the market value.The Virginia Land Use Application is used to calculate use-values for jurisdictions throughout the commonwealth. These values result in tax savings of millions of dollars for Virginia's land owners.