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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing in the College of Agriculture and Life Science, Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station and Virginia Cooperative Extension

There are 16 video conferencing sites available on-campus and off-campus (listed below).  Also listed are sites that are not maintained by the college but are available for use by CALS personnel.  All of the sites are designed to be self-service and printed copies of the user manuals are at each site (or you can download them below)  All the sites are already listed in the Favorites section on the Polycom device.  Each system can call up to 3 other sites (yourself + 3 others for a total of 4). Meetings that require more than 4 sites will need to be bridged through Video Broadcast Services (see VBS Information below).  

If you would like to call a site that is not listed, you will need to obtain the IP address of the remote site.  It is highly recommended that you test the connection before your meeting.

If you want CALS IT to assist with the testing, you need to provide us a technical contact at the remote site at least one week prior to the meeting.  Once tested, the remote site will be entered into the directory on the Polycom system and can then be called at any time (no future tests should be required).

To schedule a meeting, simply schedule the room you would like to use from the list below.  Make sure to test with the remote site or make a request to CALS IT to perform the test.  CALS IT will provide hands-on training if requested.

Polycom Video Conferencing User Guide
Crestron Control Panel Instructions (For 1810 Litton-Reaves and Alson H. Smith, Jr. AREC only)


Technical contacts for the video conferencing systems:
Ag Help Desk (540) 231-4865
Scott Shetrone (540) 231-7841
Carl Estes (540) 231-1385
Polycom Video Conferencing systems have been installed at the following locations:

104 Hutcheson Hall

Location: 104 Hutcheson Hall
Department: CALS Administration
Scheduling Contact: Crystal Tawney,, (540) 231-4152
IP Info:
Capacity: 12

115 Hutcheson Hall

Location: 115 Hutcheson Hall
Department: CALS Extension
Scheduling Contact: Mary Roop,, (540) 231-1247
IP Info:
Capacity: 5

305 Price Hall (not managed by CALS IT)

Location: 305 Price Hall
Department: Entomology
Scheduling Contact: Kathy Shelor,, (540) 231-4010
Sarah Kenley,, (540) 231-6341
IP Info:
Capacity: 20

535 Latham Hall

Location: 535 Latham Hall
Department: CALS Administration
Scheduling Contact: Ann Hutchens,, (540) 231-3609
IP Info:
Capacity: 10

1810 Litton-Reaves Hall

Location: 1810 Litton-Reaves Hall
Department: CALS Academic Programs
Scheduling Contact: Anna Taylor,, (540) 231-6939
IP Info:
Capacity: 50

1890 Litton-Reaves Hall

Location: 1890 Litton-Reaves Hall
Department: AgTech
Scheduling Contact: Brenda French,, (540) 231-7649
IP Info:
Capacity: 70

3720 Litton-Reaves Hall

Location: 3720 Litton-Reaves Hall
Department: APSC
Scheduling Contact: Jennifer Webb,, (540) 231-6311
IP Info:
Capacity: 30

337 Smyth Hall

Location: 337 Smyth Hall
Department: Crop Soils and Environmental Sciences
Scheduling Contact: Judy Keister,, (540) 231-9775
IP Info:
Capacity: 20

Northern District Office

Location: 2322 Blue Stone Hills Dr. Suite 140, Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Scheduling Contact: Cindy Gochenour,, (540) 432-6029
IP Info:
Capacity: 25

Central District Office

Location: 150B Slayton Avenue, Suite 112D Danville, VA 24540
Scheduling Contact: Linda Jones,, (434) 766-6761
IP Info:
Capacity: 25

Southeast District Office 

Location: 2810 N. Parham Road, Suite 300, Richmond, VA 23294-4422
Scheduling Contact: Kathy Ely,, (804) 662-7288
IP Info:
Capacity: 50

Southwest District Office (not managed by CALS IT)

Location: One Partnership Circle, Suite 126, Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center, Abingdon, VA 24210
Scheduling Contact: (276) 619-4300
Technical Contact: Jeremy Mitchell,, (276) 619-4366
IP Info: (IP Address: where xxx = room number)
Capacity: They have about 15 rooms available (2 person room to 70 person room).

Madison County

Location: 2 South Main St., War Memorial Building, 2nd Floor, Madison, VA 22727
Department: Extension Office
Scheduling Contact: Katie Jenkins,, (540) 948-6881
IP Info:
Capacity: 30

New Kent County

Location: 11809 New Kent Highway, Suite 1, Providence Forge, VA 23124
Department: Extension Office
Scheduling Contact: Marci A. Siebert,, (804) 966-9645
IP Info:
Capacity: 25

Prince Edward County 

Location: 100 Dominion Dr., Farmville, VA 23901
Department: Extension Office
Scheduling Contact: Shelda Daniels,, (434) 392-4246
IP Info:
Capacity: 40

Prince William County 

Location: 8033 Ashton Ave., Suite 105, Manassas, VA 20109
Department: Extension Office
Scheduling Contact: Marie Welling,, (703) 792-4371
IP Info:
Capacity: 20

Russell County 

Location: 135 Highland Dr., Lebanon, VA 24266
Department: Extension Office
Scheduling Contact: Dreama McGlothlin,, (276) 889-8056
IP Info:
Capacity: 10

Airfield 4H

Location: 15189 Airfield Rd., Wakefield, VA 23888
Scheduling Contact: Heather Lilly,, (757) 899-4901
IP Info:
Capacity: 20

Holiday Lake 4H

Location: 1267 4-H Camp Rd, Appomattox, VA 24522
Scheduling Contact: Bryan Branch,, (434) 248-5444
IP Info:
Capacity: 50

Jamestown 4H

Location: 3751 4-H Club Rd., Williamsburg, VA 23185
Scheduling Contact: Vickie Anderson,, (757) 253-4931
IP Info:
Capacity: 30

Northern Virginia 4H

Location: 600 4-H Center Dr., Front Royal, VA 22630
Scheduling Contact: Vicki Brooks,, (540) 635-7171
IP Info:
Capacity: 8

Southwest Virginia 4H

Location: 25236 Hillman Highway, Abingdon, VA 24210
Scheduling Contact: Diana Gilliam,, (276) 676-6180
IP Info:
Capacity: 20

W.E. Skelton, Smith Mt. Lake 4H

Location: 775 Hermitage Rd, Wirtz, VA 24184
Scheduling Contact: Megan Parker,, (540) 721-2759 ext. 252
IP Info:
Capacity: 30

Alson H. Smith AREC

Location:595 Laurel Grove Road, Winchester, VA 22602
Scheduling Contact:Debra Marple,, (540) 869-2560 ext. 105
IP Info:

Eastern Shore AREC

Location:33446 Research Dr, Painter, VA 3420-2827
Scheduling Contact:Lauren Seltzer,, (757) 414-0724 ext. 11
IP Info:

Hampton Roads AREC

Location:1444 Diamond Springs Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455-3315
Scheduling Contact:Ava Borden,, (757) 363-3900
IP Info:

Middleburg AREC

Location:5527 Sullivans Mill Rd., Middleburg, VA 20117
Scheduling Contact:Rita Rollison,, (540) 687-3521 ext 72
IP Info:

Southern Piedmont AREC 

Location:2375 Darvills Rd., Blackstone, VA 23824-0448
Scheduling Contact:Margaret Kenny,, (434) 292-5331
IP Info:

Tidewater AREC 

Location:6321 Holland Rd., Suffolk, VA 23437
Scheduling Contact:Debbie Estienne,,(757) 657-6450
IP Info:

Virginia Seafood AREC 

Location:102 S. King St., Hampton, VA 23669
Scheduling Contact:Gail Jamison,,(757) 727-4861
IP Info:

Video Conferencing with Video Broadcast Services

VBS schedules, supports and manages ten rooms in Blacksburg, two rooms in Alexandria, and six rooms at the Northern Virginia Education Center (Falls Church). 

If you need to use VBS for your meeting, then you must complete this Video Broadcast Services Video Conferencing Request Form

On-campus Locations Off-campus Locations
  • Burruss 123A
  • Durham 261
  • Durham 463
  • Randolph 100L
  • Torgersen 1000
  • Torgersen 1030
  • Torgersen 1050
  • War Memorial Gym 234
  • Whittemore 281
  • Advanced Research Center, Arlington
  • Central Virginia Community College/Center for Advanced Engineering, Lynchburg
  • Hampton Roads Center, Virginia Beach
  • Northern Virginia Graduate Center, Falls Church
  • Old Dominion University Peninsula Center
  • Roanoke Higher Education Center
  • Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center, Abingdon
  • Southern Virginia Higher Education Center, South Boston
  • University of Mary Washington, Fredricksburg
  • Video Network Operations Center - Blacksburg
  • Virginia Tech Campus, Blacksburg
  • Virginia Tech Outreach Office, Richmond
  • Virginia Tech Richmond Center
  • Washington Alexandria Architecture Center

If you need a connection to a site that is not listed above, you must include contact information for the site(s). VBS needs this information even if the other site is bridging the conference. Just enter the contact name and information in the online request form and VBS will handle getting the relevant information.

Conferencing Location Scheduling Contacts

Patsy Galliher
Randy Smith (for Randolph 100L)
(540) 231-5930
(540) 231-9113

Multiple Sites Require Bridging Service

Video conferences can be point-to-point, where one location directly connects to the second location. Bridging services are necessary to connect more than two locations, and in special circumstances may be required for connection/conversion of locations that are not directly compatible with one another.

Video conferences that use the VBS bridging service can be recorded and/or streamed over the Internet. There is a per hour recording fee, which includes the processing and VBS hosting of the streaming video file. 
The resulting RealMedia file is usually available within two business days after the conference.

Testing Connections to New Sites

If you need a connection to a site to which VBS has not connected within the past year, you must include contact information for the site(s) in the online Request Form (see below). VBS needs this information even if the other site is bridging the conference. It is mandatory that locations be tested and qualified before the initial live events. 

Video Broadcast Services Video Conferencing Request Form


Mark Harden, Director, Video Broadcast Services
(540) 231-5930